Do you have a foundation to build on, but see opportunities to grow?

Scenario Criteria

Rules of thumb to classify a project and choose an approach

The project owner:

  • Has specific metrics to influence
  • Believes there are a few things getting in their way
  • Is seeing trends in customer data they want to explore
  • Wants to better understand customer segments
  • Has ideas they’d like to trial
What makes this a successful project?

Quantifiable growth, broadening the team's knowledge, and uncovering opportunities for the future


Principles to guide how we approach this scenario

  • Think ‘what difference can we make today?
  • Even failed tests mean progress
  • Experiment - a lot
  • Start with the low hanging fruit
  • Focus on scale and impact

Our guide for embarking on this type of project

Project Context

A kick-off session so the entire team understands goals, audience, and the problem we’re trying to solve

Growth Workshop

A workshop to gather assumptions and ideas about how to drive growth and design experiments to validate or disprove

Assumptions Register

Capturing assumptions with a testable hypothesis, validation method, metric to influence and potential for impact

Growth Sprint Plan

Prioritising tests based on what we believe will have the highest impact and require the least effort to get started

Running tests

Know what metric we’re trying to influence, set up tagging and measurement, build tests and stick to a timeline

Evaluate outcome

Capture outcome in assumptions register. Successful or not, each test builds team knowledge


Based on the outcome; add, edit or delete the enhancement

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Do you have a foundation to build on, but see opportunities to grow?

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