Have you worked out what has to happen and just need someone to do it?

Scenario Criteria

Rules of thumb to classify a project and choose an approach

The project owner:

  • Has a specific thing which needs to be done
  • Doesn’t have resources/skills to complete internally
  • Believes they know what their customers need
  • Needs someone with the background to get it done
What makes this a successful project?

Task complete and communicated


Principles to guide how we approach this scenario

  • Be helpful
  • Clarify expected outcomes
  • Honest about value for money
  • Don’t over complicate
  • Add a sprinkle of magic

Our guide to embarking on this type of project

Brief from client

With clearly defined deliverables to avoid any back and forth

Schedule in next sprint

Unless urgent, task is scheduled in the next sprint as to not force team to context switch from project work

Confirm delivery date

Once locked it, confirm sprint timing with client

Estimate with acceptance criteria

Estimate time required for task, detailing acceptance criteria so there are no open questions

Complete task and update client

Team member to communicate task complete explaining any deviations from the brief

An Handyman's Toolkit

A handy collection of exercises, activities, methods and products we use

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Have you worked out what has to happen and just need someone to do it?

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