Do you have a case for something and need to bring it to life?

Scenario Criteria

Rules of thumb to classify a project and choose an approach

The project owner:

  • Has quantified the opportunity and has a timeframe and budget to deliver
  • Has a clear idea of what the platform needs to be
  • Is describing features
  • Ready to involve target market to refine concept
  • Needs to determine metrics to measure success
What makes this a successful project?

In the market, with a plan to measure and backlog for future releases


Principles to guide how we approach this scenario

  • Make it real
  • Challenge what needs to be challenged
  • Deliver benefits efficiently
  • Decisive and convergent
  • We’re not reinventing the wheel

Our guide for embarking on this type of project

Project Context

A kick-off session so the entire team understands goals, audience, and the problem we’re trying to solve


Three workshops; Audit, Dreamer, Realist to build a shared understanding of the problem & create a plan for product development

Product roadmap

A feature level roadmap describing MVP with a timeline and estimate, as well as a backlog for future releases

Foundation Sprint

A phase to explore and test various design alternatives, and refine the roadmap

Production Sprints

Sprints are fortnightly. The team plans tasks on Monday, check-ins are Tues, Thurs, Tues, Fri. Retro on Friday

Go live

Final user acceptance testing and then...we deploy!

An Engineer's Toolkit

A handy collection of exercises, activities, methods and products we use

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Do you have a case for something and need to bring it to life?

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