Do you have an idea, and need to build a case to prove its viability?

Scenario Criteria

Rules of thumb to classify a project and choose an approach

The project owner:

  • Needs to prove value to stakeholders to progress
  • Is yet to determine revenue model
  • Describes how they want their customers to feel
  • Needs to validate the idea with target audience
  • Is yet to define platform / technology
What will makes this a successful project?

A prototype, tested and accompanied by a Stop or Go recommendation


Principles to guide how we approach this scenario

  • Follow the fastest route to confidence
  • Visual with findings
  • Value over features
  • Act as if it were our money
  • Understand funding gates

Our guide for embarking on this type of project

Project Context

A kick-off session so the entire team understands goals, audience, and the problem we’re trying to solve


A series of collaborative workshops; Audit, Dreamer and Realist to build a shared understanding of the vision and unpack the unknowns

Assumption roadmap

A plan for foundation sprint to tackle the big unknowns in the business viability, user needs and technical feasibility

Foundation Sprints

A phase to tackle the assumption roadmap and develop a working prototype to validate or dismiss the opportunity

Stop or Go recommendation

A recommendation of how to proceed, document of traction to date and a plan for what to tackle in the next phase

Epic Level Roadmap

An outline of the key components to move forward with based on testing with our audience

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Do you have an idea, and need to build a case to prove its viability?

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